Wild Animal Kingdom

Come see all manner of creatures big and small. From fuzzy foxes to slithering snakes, learn about their habitats and habits. Many fine furry & sensationally scaly friends will be on hand to amaze and astound you!

Keep your eyes out you may just bump into a Hollywood hero or starlet! This ain't your ordinary petting zoo! You may have the opportunity to snap a classic "mug shot" with a few of our critters! Memories you'll treasure for a lifetime! Free with admission!

The Reptile Store

animals reptilestoreFree with admission

Reptile Store.ca is pleased to once again be a part of Treasureventure! Our educations team will be on hand to entertain and captivate our audience about the wild world of reptiles and other creatures. Have you ever wrestled a Alligator? Talked to a Parrot? Have you held a large snake like a Green Anaconda? How about a tarantula or a scorpion? At Treasureventure this year you will have the opportunity! We have a interactive booth display on site where you can get a photograph with one of our animal ambassadors such as our Green Anaconda, Burmese Pythons, Argentine Black and White Tegus, Sulcatta Tortoises, American Alligators and more! We will also have some displays of live animals at our booth throughout the course of the weekend so drop by our booth to speak to our team about our creatures and all of the different programs our facility offers!
The highlight of our participation is of course our live animal stage shows. Our shows are one hour in length and will consist of around 12 animals from all over the planet. What’s the difference between a Alligator and a Crocodile? How do snakes move? What’s the biggest snake on the planet? What do lizards and snakes use their tongue for? Are you strong enough to pick up our Alligator Snapping Turtle? Can our Tarantula kill you with its deadly venom? For answers to all of your questions slither on by to check out one of our multiple performances each day! Reptile Store.ca and The Reptile Store Summer Camp hope you have a WILD WEEKEND at Treasureventure.

The Donkey Sanctuary

DonkeyFree with admissionSince 1992, The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada has been a refuge for donkeys, mules and hinnies who have been neglected or abused, or who can no longer be cared for by their owners.

The Sanctuary is 100 acres of tranquility, in which we strive to live in peaceful harmony with the animals we have rescued. It is our heartfelt mission to ensure the animals who come to live out the remainder of their lives with us are surrounded by love, dignity, and the respect they so richly deserve. The Sanctuary Farm, and our satellite Foster Farms, have provided a safe home for rescued animals for more than 17 years. We are a not-for-profit charity, funded entirely by private donations.

Donations, in fact, feed the donkeys, provide vet care, hoof care, barn maintenance, stall bedding, oats, and, well – you get the idea. The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada is entirely funded by the donations of generous people like you, who have shown an interest in the animals, and who have decided to donate to our cause and to their care.

Atkins Pony Rides

Atkins Pony RidesIn 1988, Leon & Sue Atkins started Atkins Pony Rides almost by accident. Sue was working as a fitness instructor for a health club and a fellow employee had two ponies. A horse lover who was taking lessons, Sue told her co-worker that if he ever wanted to sell the ponies, he should call her. Two weeks later, we got that call.

Although we were city dwellers at the time, we bought the ponies anyway and scouted out a place for them (and us) to live. We boarded them for a year until we bought a house and hobby farm.

The animal parade has grown considerably from those first two ponies. We now share the farm with 17 ponies, three donkeys, 3 horses, two dogs, 3 cats and 6 Vietnamese pot belly pigs.

Exotic Critter Tales

Exotic Critter Talespricebubble freeKangaroos, Camels and Yaks! Oh My!! Exotic Critter Tales is a very BIG step away from the old Petting Zoo! Exotic Critter Tales is proudly spreading a new knowledge about some of the worlds unique and wonderful animals. We try to inform people about the natural habits, habitats and what they can be used for in captivity. We hope to give people an insight into the risk that some of these animals are facing due to the ever growing population. And you better be prepared for a little paparazzi! You've seen some of these critters before in feature film and television!

Free with admission!

Sciensational Sssnakes

Sciensational Sssnakespricebubble freeJoin Jeff Hathaway and Jenny Pearce from Sciensational Sssnakes as they present the most complete collection of reptile and amphibian species in the province. Learn about these animals and their ecology, as well as the challenges faced to ensure their survival.  The show features an informal lecture about the animals, as well as a session in which participants are able to interact, touch and hold the animals. Many of them are native Ontario species, some of which are now endangered in the wild, and rarely seen. Sciensational Snakes are authorized by the Ministry of Natural Resources to maintain these animals in captivity. 

Myth: Puff adders (hognose snakes) mix poison with their breath and can kill a person at a distance of twenty-five feet.

Reality: Although the bite of a hognose snake can produce swelling and a burning sensation, these snakes rarely bite people and are not considered venomous. When confronted, they do puff themselves up and hiss, but their breath is harmless.

Free with admission!

Muskoka Mammals Interactive Animal Encounters

Muskoka Mammalspricebubble freeThe Muskoka Wildlife Centre presents “Speaking of Wildlife” – Canada's largest live-animal outreach presentation featuring close encounters with some of Ontario's most magnificent wild creatures designed to give audience members a better appreciation for the treasures of the animal kingdom. Join Dale and Jody Gienow and learn about adaptations, social structure, habits and environmental threats affecting each of these wild creatures. Visit the static wildlife displays, featuring live animals and hands-on natural history artifacts. Members of the Muskoka Wildlife Centre's Education Team are certified by the Canadian Wildlife Federation, in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ontario Forestry Association.

Fun Fact: Which mammal is known to kick sand in the face of predators to escape? It's a rather unique squirrel defense mechanism particularly when confronted by a curious or downright annoying snake.

Free with admission!


Rockton Fairgrounds

812 Old Hwy 8, Rockton, ON

Located just off Hwy 8, between Hamilton and Cambridge