Treasure Hunting Adventures

Adventure seekers wanted! There really is gold in them thar hills! Try your hand at treasure hunting. Join us at the Metal Detecting Arena and learn how to search for gold and other buried treasures. Or take a step back in time and pan for gold at the Prospector’s Challenge where every participant will walk away a seasoned 49er! Searching for treasure or Geocaching for caches, use our GPS or bring your own and try our Geocaching Challenge for a chance to WIN!

The Prospector's Challenge!

Everyone can experience the rush of being a 49er!

Propectors ChallengeStake your claim and pan your riches!

Stake your claim with our bags of real paydirt! Your personal claim contains glistening flour gold clawed from the raging waters of the BC Fraser River and gold streaked quartz culled from the deep rock mines of Cobalt Ontario. Look closely my friends, as your claim is also salted with emeralds, amethyst and banded jasper. You're sure to feel the rush of discovery as you first sift your stake for the riches it holds and then pan the black sands for elusive golden flower gold.

Gemstone Bag – $5
Contains only precious and semi-precious stones such as emeralds, amethyst and banded jasper.

Gold Stake – $10
Guaranteed gold bearing ore with possible flour gold and precious and semi-precious stones.

Rich Bag – $15
Guaranteed gold ore, flour gold, and precious & semi-precious stones.

Prospectors Reward – $25
Guaranteed gold ore, flour gold, precious & semi-percious stones. Also includes a necklace kit to proudly wear your gold bearing ore, and a chance to win 1 of 5 champagne diamonds or 1 of 5 gold nuggets (valued between $100-$200).

Metal Detecting Adventure

Try our metal detectors!

26 100At Treasureventure it's about learning! Discover an incredible past time for young and old alike – discover metal detecting! Long gone are the clichés of bermuda shorts and bad hats... todays metal detectors are technologically advanced precision machines. There are remnants of our past all around us from trash to treasure it's all waiting to be rediscovered! Wether it's a big penny, a silver dollar, a colonial shoe buckle, a 19th century shell casing or a diamond studded gold ring... metal detecting can take you on a journey of discovery you never imagined!

Enjoy displays and collections of discoveries made over the years by club members. Try your hand at swinging a coil in our Metal Detecting Arena. Anyone can do it – young or old. A portion of the arena is seeded with common coins where "the pros" will introduce you to various machines and how they work their magic. It's easy when you get the hang of it, careful... metal detecting can be highly addictive!

And now for the challenge... go on a REAL Treasure Hunt! 6 Adult Hunts and 2 Kid's Hunts will take place throughout the day. Our Metal Detecting Arena will be "seeded" with Authentic Roman Coins, Victorian Silver and clad coins!  For the kids we have awesome pirate coins and special prize tokens. Swing those coils and you keep what you find! Everybody is a winner! A special prize token will also be introduced into each hunt... you never know what you'll discover! Participation is limited to the number of detectors available. Currently we will have between 20 and 25 detectors per hunt so sign up upon arrival before all the slots are filled! Admission does not guarantee participation in the hunts.

The Metal Detecting Arena will be seeded with at least $1,000 worth of coins and tokens over the course of the two day adventure!

Duration of Hunts: 15 minutes

Child Hunt (0-6 years)
$3 per child, or 2 children for $5

Treasures: Keep what you find in clad coins!

Youth Hunt (7-13 years)
Fee: $5
Treasures: Clad coins and one special prize token planted in every hunt.

Adult Hunts (14 years and up +)
Fee: $10
Treasures: Authentic Roman coins, Victorian silver coins, Clad coins and One special prize token in every hunt!

Let's put it in perspective... in a hunt you have 15 minutes to swing a detector with occasional assistance if you need it... you KEEP WHAT YOU FIND! A single Roman coin is valued between $2 and $4; A Canadian Silver Dollar pre 1965 starts at $11 ea; Awesome reproduction Pirate coins retail at $2 ea... There's lots of clad coins for the thrill of it and plenty of silver, there's also an array of interesting tokens, jewelry and relics.... you WILL know what it's like to feel the thrill of the hunt! Talking to club members, trying out the machines and enjoying the display tables is free!

Gemstone Mining Adventure

Gemstone Mining Adventure

Gemstone mining is a blast! It's fun, it's easy and always an adventure to search and discover natural gemstones the old fashioned way. For the young ones we have the Wild West Mining Trough. For some hard-core exploration or take a turn at the Gemstone Mining Sluice! Water cascades down from the tower coursing through drops and turns into a wooden sluiceway. There you'll try your hand at adventure and discovery as you sift through the gemstone mining rough to unearth some amazing gemstones and minerals. Wash away the mining rough and pocket your bounty as keepsakes or make your own jewellery with them.

Imagine yourself on the hunt for evidence of prehistoric monsters, mammals, sea creatures and dinosaurs! For those who want to explore what came before us millions of years ago our Fossil Hunting expedition is the answer. Sift through bags of rough, culled directly from ancient sea beds from across the globe showing certain and authentic evidence of incredible life forms lost for up to 400 million years! Every bag of rough is guaranteed to produce authentic specimens of our ancient past.

$5 bags available of Polished and Rough Gems
$5 bags available of Prehistoric Fossils


Rockton Fairgrounds

812 Old Hwy 8, Rockton, ON

Located just off Hwy 8, between Hamilton and Cambridge