What People Are Saying

TestimonialsTreasureventure 2010 was a fantastic success! Feedback from visitors and participants were virtually unanimous in voicing praise for the event. Here's what a few had to say...

"My name is Paul Kennedy, a.k.a. The Reptile Man.  I have been fortunate to have been a part of many different festivals and events.  Every festival has consisted of pretty much the same activities.  When it came to the Treasureventure event that Mark Draak had asked me to be in, I was not only impressed by the professionalism but also the fact that it was going to be such a unique experience far different then any other festival.  Also, my family was very excited about me being a part of the festival so that they could hang out there all day and enjoy all the activities.   Jousting, panning for gold which my family loved and spent hours there enjoying.  Such a unique array of events.  The festivities were well worth the price of admission.  In these poor economic times, families need to have affordable entertainment like, Treasureventure for quality family fun.  Treasureventure is like Disneyland for a weekend.  I believe it will grow to become such a huge festival that people will travel from afar to be part of it."

So, I hope to see everyone there and I know it will be an amazing time for you and your families.  My family and I are looking forward to seeing everyone this year and look forward to being part of such a unique, entertaining family festival. TREASUREVENTURE is the place to be.

– Paul Kennedy and Family, aka The Reptile Man / Hamilton, ON

"As the President of the Board of Directors for Attractions Ontario, and a member of Festivals and Events Ontario, I was extremely impressed with the variety of activities and overall concept of the Treasureventure event... It truly is a unique event combining family adventure with sustainable tourism..."

– Brenda Branch

"...Just wanted to let you know that we had a blast last weekend! My son brought 8 of his friends. We were there for the 10:00 opening and left at 4:00 but still hadn't done everything so could have stayed longer except for other commitments. Thanks for all of your hard work! Highlights for them were the Long Point teambuilding, (spent at least an hour making them do it over again and again and then only quit because we made them eat lunch). Surprisingly, they loved the bouncy things even though I thought they might be too old. The bike show they saw twice and some even went back for a third and the guys were great about talking and hanging out with them. When the skies opened up, they were in the barn with the reptiles etc. A few hours there with all things slimy and crawly all over them. The adults enjoyed the bands as we could hear them from various areas as we watched other things. The pie eating contest got lots of great pics. They hung out with the juggler/balloon guy for quite awhile ...it was a phenomenal day.  One of the boys was already putting the pressure on my son to do this for his birthday again next year. We got a bunch of good info about things we would like to do (rafting and zip lining)... An awful lot of work for you but we sure enjoyed it. Even the weather cooperated for most of the day. Thanks for all of the help putting our day together and for taking the time to do this... Hope to be back next year!"

– Chris Lissack / Waterdown, ON

"Hi I’m an 11 year old boy and I have been to Treasureventure for my birthday. When I went to your fair I thought it was amazing!!! The day went great, everyone had fun. The things there were awesome and it was everything I was hoping for! It was the best fair because there was lots to do for bigger kids with of all the shows and  games. I would like to go back there again because of all the entertainment like holding a bunch of reptiles, watching shows that I have never even heard of like boys doing tricks on bikes.  All my friends absolutely loved it! When it was time to leave, one of my friends said “can you do this every year”? This year it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!"

– Cody Lissack, 11 / Waterdown, ON

"My daughter and I loved learning and hunting for the caches at Treasureventure. This was a great opportunity to expand our activities. Couldn't wait to go get a GPS unit the next day. We have been exploring locally and on vacations ever since! Thanks! The volunteers from Royal Botanical Gardens helped made it great time!"

– Alain Beaudin / Hamilton, ON

"Treasureventure is the most fascinating concept for a festival that I have experienced in a long time."

– Dave Butler / Dundas, ON

"We had a great time... I hope you do it again next year."

"We enjoyed Treasureventure today. There was tons to do, we actually ran out of time. Loved the geocaching, panning for gold and the animals. We'll be back next year...with friends too."

A Little Q and A...

"Sounds amazing, I'm ready for some great ideas for myself and the family on how to enjoy more time outdoors..."
You're going to be surprised at the adventure that lies right outside your door! Right here in Ontario... search for gold or explore actual ghost towns! From metal detecting adventures on land or scuba adventures in our waters, there's amazing world's and treasures to discover!

"My dad has a metal detector in the closet, I bet this will get him to take it out and hunt for treasure and take me with him!"
We don't think you'll have much trouble dusting off the detector after you both try the metal detecting arena where we've seeded the ground with authentic roman coins and victorian silver, try your swing at real treasure!

"I can't believe this is one day..."
Neither can we! If you get bored at this show we'll be checking to see if you have a pulse!

"This is a show I'd like to be a part of... do you have ways to volunteer?"
We need TROUPES of volunteers! If you'd like more information on how you can be a part of the show drop us an email. No experience needed BUT if you think you can bring something special to the show by way of displays, activities or an event, We'd love to hear from you!

"Do have special rates for groups? This looks like an event for our entire group"
Absolutely! We've had many requests for group rates. Boy Scouts, Athletic clubs, Special Needs groups, and schools... Drop us a note and we'll be more than happy to work out rates to suit your needs. Bus parking is free and there's unlimited car parking on-site as well.

"I got to say, it sounds fantastic but I still don't know if I get it..."
Don't worry... we've heard that before LOL... it's a little overwhelming... basically ask yourself "what's my treasure" you might have a thing for the environment, you might want to try new eco-adventures, you may think some fringe sports breaking on to the scene are fascinating, you may be into orienteering or survival skills, you might be fascinated by treasure hunting and exploration, you might be into antiques and our Canadian heritage, you may love the wild and the plants and animals that call it home.... we've tried to take that feeling of ADVENTURE that is the key component of any inspiration and make it an event or a display.... if you're not sure what really "gets" you then try it all.... We're not about reading a brochure, we're about getting dirty (figure of speech, no you won't need a change of clothes!


Rockton Fairgrounds

812 Old Hwy 8, Rockton, ON

Located just off Hwy 8, between Hamilton and Cambridge