Survival Adventure

Looking for the ultimate challenge? Want to learn skills that will leave you confident in emergency situations? Our survival adventure workshops will give you the knowledge to take on nature and survive. Start fires without matches, build shelters, and find your way back home.

Skydive SWOOP

Since incorporating in 1979, we estimate we have trained and jumped with more than 13,000 first-time jumpers. SWOOP'ers have contributed to the writing and testing of the Canadian First Jump FreeFall program now used by the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA), and helped write and develop the Progressive Free Fall School used across Canada to develop skills in jumpers new to the sport. SWOOP also has instructors who are members of the CSPA's working comittee (CWC).

Skydive SWOOP is the last remaining skydiving Club in Canada run exclusively by volunteer members. As a non-profit Incorporation, we elect a Board of Directors yearly who administer the club. The BOD and many other volunteers run the entire operation on their own free time. None of us makes our living at SWOOP, we're there only because we love the sport of skydiving, and want to share it with as many others as we can. So remember... be kind to us, we are there to have fun too!

Bushcraft Workshops & more!

Bushcraftpricebubble freeDo you want to get outdoors and explore more? Then this course is the one for you. Bushcraft is all about exploring and discovery, very addictive but great for the soul. Bushcraft takes you to another level when it comes to enjoying the outdoors - being able to build, light and maintain a fire with ease, improvise utensils that you may have left behind, read the woods, identify the plants and find something you want the answer to for next time.

At School In The Woods we believe that many of life's problems can be made easier with a little bit of outdoor time and every chance we get you will find us there, whether its teaching courses or enjoying some down time. We are a group of individuals from many different backgrounds that bring a very unique perspective to any course.

Everyone at School In The Woods cares about the students that pass through our school, all of the instructors feel that the school is part of them and strive to make sure you have the greatest and safest time while you are with us.

Wilderness expert Carl Chambers will be holding workshops throughout the festival.

Take the Geocaching Challenge

Learn the treasure hunting phenomenon that is literally sweeping the world!

N43º 18.1045', W080º 7.7483'

GeocachingFree with admissionUse our Global Positioning System (GPS) to learn how to Geocache, or bring your own GPS for an advanced challenge and the opportunity to win some incredible prizes.

Geocaching is an outdoor activity in which the participants use a GPS receiver to go treasure hunting anywhere in the world. A typical "treasure" or cache is a small waterproof container containing a logbook where you can record in your successful discovery. More often than not there are websites where you can announce your success to the world. The largest of these sites is You won't believe what you may have been missing! Geocaches are currently placed in over 100 countries around the world and on all seven continents, including Antarctica, there's probably one in your neighbourhood. Checkout what Alain has to say. As of June 6, 2010, there are over 1,092,192 active geocaches around the world.

FREE with Admission!

Your Challenge will start with a 30 minute lesson from the experts, we provide the units!  We'll teach you how to read the coordinates and follow the directions on your way to discovery! After your lesson you can choose to participate in our geocache hunt. 12 caches are stashed throughout the grounds, we'll give you the coordinates and off you go. Particpate in the hunt and we'll enter you in the draw to win a GPS unit and other fantastic prizes!

We have 25 units available for the lesson and the hunt, bring yourself, your friends, your partner or your family, one unit per group and you can all hunt together there will be a maximum of 1 hr to locate your three caches but after the lesson that should be a breeze! 

A credit card or drivers license is required to register and sign out the GPS unit.

Badenoch Archery

Badenoch ArcheryFree with admissionWe are located in Morriston, ON. Badenoch Archery offers full service and expertise by our certified staff, who have many years of experience. Come in and visit our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We have a large selection of archery products and accessories.

Badenoch Archery will be offering FREE archery workshops and demonstrations throughout Treasureventure.

Groundhog Divers

Groundhog DiversFounded in 1983, Groundhog Divers has been serving the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding areas longer than any other shop. Originally located on King Street in Kitchener, we moved to our present location on Victoria St. N., 18 years ago.

Groundhog Divers is proud to be the regions most diversified scuba training center offering all levels of instruction from basic open water thru instructor as well as advanced leadership development.

Our facility boasts the region’s only private indoor pool dedicated to scuba training. This along with our large staff of professional instructors allows us to offer the most flexibility possible to meet our client’s busy schedules.

We offer programs thru the Independent Diving Educators Association of Canada (IDEA Canada), Scuba Schools International (SSI), The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), The Divers Alert Network (DAN), The Adaptive Scuba Association (ASA), and St John Ambulance.

We have a large selection of snorkeling, water sports and scuba diving equipment from the top names in the industry that our friendly and experienced staff can professionally fit you with.

Our Unique Facility features:

  • Spacious classroom with multimedia presentation equipment
  • Indoor pool
  • Fully stocked rental department
  • Professional repair center
  • Air and Nitrox fills
  • And so much more

Long Point Eco-Adventures

Long Point Eco-Adventures

Looking for a unique experience and something that is out of the ordinary? Then come visit Long Point Eco-Adventures booth in the Adventure Marketplace. Long Point Eco-Adventures on the shores of Lake Erie features breathtaking zip lines and swinging suspension bridges. Glide through the Carolinian forest over native plant, animal and bird life on world class zip lines. Historical & Ecological narratives included.

Enjoy 15,000 acres of protected forests and marshlands along with spectacular aerial views of Long Point Bay in Norfolk County. High in the trees on a 100' ridge you can stand on the deck of our 45' astronomy observatory and gaze across this Great Lake to see the hills of Pennsylvania. Highly trained staff are dedicated to sharing beautiful environment in a safe, eco-friendly way. Long Point Eco-Adventures outdoor eco-adventure combines education with adrenaline-filled action, which is sure to leave you with an experience that is hard to forget. From kayak trips to zip lines to our astronomy observatory, our goal is provide you with a great adventure.

Book online: or call 877-743-8687


Rockton Fairgrounds

812 Old Hwy 8, Rockton, ON

Located just off Hwy 8, between Hamilton and Cambridge